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Child abuse can take many forms. Kids who are old enough to talk can at least tell us how they feel. But what about infants, and preverbal toddlers? In the 1990’s they have become helpless victims of “caregiver roulette”—frequent change of primary caregivers.

Dr. Fox describes how these “can cause lifelong and severe emotional damage.” She charges that today we put our children at risk for lifelong behavioral problems by dumping them into daycare when they are too young. Nor is Dr. Fox alone in her concern about our youngest citizens:

  • Dr. T. Berry Brazelton (May, 1995) “Never before has one generation been less healthy, less cared for, less prepared for life than their parents were at the same age.”

  • Dr. Edward Zigler of Yale University—founder of Head Start “The years children spend in sub par daycare is a major cause of child violence and depression.”

  • The 4 College (Yale, California, North Carolina & Colorado) Study of 1995 reporting their findings about the quality of daycare pro-vided for infants and toddlers: 92% of all United States daycare facilities are “poor to mediocre.”

  • Dr. Burton White— author of New First Three years of Life: “After more than 20 years of research on how children develop well, I would not think of putting a child of my own into any substitute program on a full-time basis, especially a center based program.”

  • Dr. Laura Schlessinger stated: “Being There offers to parents a profound and unique understanding of how important it is to raise your own children.”

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