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I am president of Attachment Parenting International and we are honored that Dr. Fox is a member of our advisory board. Her excellent book is a must read for new parents, especially those who are considering substitute care for their babies and young children. Her practical wisdom and insights from years of working with children and raising her own family are invaluable. As an early student of the work of attachment researcher Dr. John Bowlby, we are treated to invaluable lessons learned from one of the leading theorists in child development of our time. Dr. Fox has tremendous courage to speak to one of the most controversial and critical issues facing society today and for many generations to come. 

Barbara Nicholson, M.Ed. Co-founder and President, Attachment Parenting International


I think every woman contemplating her return to the work force should read this book. It is the best book I have read on being a stay-at-home parent. I always suspected that there was research which supports the advantages of parental care. This information is withheld from the public, I believe, because of cultural pressure to not make working parents feel "guilty". Dr. Fox succeeds in defining not only the obvious advantages of having a parent home, but the subtle, hard to define differences which make parental care worth it. I highly recommend this book.


I think its so wonderful that people are starting to realize that children need their parents. My Husband works and I'm a Stay-at-home Mother and I love it! This world we live in view money and material possessions as what's really important. Its great so see that people are writing books to show that stay at home parents are what children really need. Not material things. This is very encouraging to me . Thank you . God Bless. Julie


Have been promoting your book for years. Keep up the good work.

John W. Travis, MD, MPH


I read and re-read this book recently after having to accept the fact that my two sisters-in-law put their newborns in daycare and went back to work. I stayed at home full-time for 10 years. I returned to work part-time at my children's school when my youngest child entered the first grade. I am immeasurably grateful for having made the decision to quit work and be at home. Now that I am working in the school, I can easily see that I share a close a special bond with my kids and I see the effects of children raised in daycare. There is no substitute for the love that only "Mom" can give. The aloofness, anger, and inability to relate to others, not to mention the other subtle behavioral characteristics of children that have missed out on maternal nurturing breaks my heart. I must acknowledge that a few working mothers have seemed to have magically filled this ap...but they are the exception, rather than the rule. Anyway, thanks for having the courage to tell the truth about a critically important issue of our day! I know it's not the most popular school of thought, but the road traveled the most is not always the best route to take!!!!

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